It's an easy process to work with Midwest Solar. Bottom line I'd recommend Midwest solar to everybody because we had a great experience and it's been very beneficial for us! No doubt about it. I am happy because its happening even in the winter. Totally surprised to see solar gains in the winter time like we have.

We checked with other solar companies and ended up going with Midwest and that was a perfect choice for us. The last two months our electric bill has only been $8.50, which is beyond belief and that's the minimum that you have to pay up to Mid America. Otherwise, we have no electric though. And that's great.

Tom and Connie recently went solar with Midwest Solar Installers. Not only did they want to manage their high utility bills, but also wanted a trusted partner to make the transition to solar easy. Listen in on their journey to solar!

I have been very pleased with Midwest Solar Installers and the job they've done. Their employees have been very professional and thorough. They looked at my current energy consumption, laid out their plans, and made me feel very comfortable. They were very knowledgeable with answering my questions. With a few phone calls and some prompt emails back and forth all my questions were answered. It was a hassle free process. I would certainly recommend Midwest solar installers. It's has been a good experience for me.

Mark was happy to find Midwest Solar Installers because he was looking for a professional company that could handle all the stages of transitioning to green energy and make it simple and hassle-free. 

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