Solar Financing

Solar Financing

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Harness the Power of the Sun and Save

Greenpenny Residential Solar Financing

Swap your monthly utility bill for a monthly solar payment.

Residential Solar Program Details

Greenpenny's Process

Greenpenny’s financing process from application to funding can be completed very quickly – in as few as 5
business days. Or, if an applicant needs additional time, pre-approvals are good for 120 days, following date
of application.


Completed online or over the phone, set aside 10-15 minutes

Review and Decision

Greenpenny contacts applicants within 24 business hours

Document Submission

Including applicant identity and income verification; submit within 120 days

Loan Closing

Close on one or both loans in minutes

Funds Delivered

Borrower receives funds within 1-3 business days following closing

1st Payment Due

Up to 45 days following loan closing; timing is determined by borrower

Why Midwest Solar Installers partners with Greenpenny?

Sungage Financial

How can Sungage Financial help you capture the financial benefits of solar?

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Only takes a few seconds!

Find Out How You Can Benefit From Solar Power.