Solar FAQs

Solar FAQs

Going Solar can be overwhelming; hardware, design, financing, installation, permitting, inspection, tax incentives — it’s a lot. We aim to make it easy. You can trust us to provide quality work at competitive rates. Keep in mind that no two households, or systems are exactly alike. Your cost and your savings depend on factors like where you live, your roof configuration, and how much sunlight it gets, how much electricity you need, and how much you want your system to produce. What’s important to consider is the long-term value and performance of your investment. Our experts will assess your location to finalize a proposal that will include estimated payback period, your cost out of pocket, and the tax incentives for your area.

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The amount of savings when going solar varies from state-to-state in accordance with local utility costs. With Midwest Solar Installers, you can be certain that your utility costs will be less than what you are currently paying. We will help you understand what you can expect to save by going solar in your area.

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Midwest Solar Installers will help you determine the local, state and federal government subsidies and tax incentives you’re eligible for. Then we’ll confirm how much sunlight your home gets, which will affect the amount of solar energy you can capture with a solar system. This could vary depending on where you live and your house’s positioning and architecture. Finally, our experts will also help you ascertain the short- and long-term impact of your local electric company’s rates and policies. By the end of this process, you will have all the info you need to determine if solar energy is right for you.

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After solar panels are installed on your home you begin producing power. Any excess power your home doesn’t use will be sent back to your utility company. Your electric meter will run backwards. You will feed excess energy to the utility company during the day and then receive it back during the nighttime, at no cost.

Your home will continue to be connected to the electrical grid. Excess energy from your solar panels will return to the grid and you will receive that energy back at night at no cost.

A Midwest Solar Installers representative will visit your home to outline the benefits and savings you can expect by going solar. Our representative will help determine if going solar is right for your home. 1) A survey team will design a customized solar panel system just for your home. 2) A certified installation team will install your solar panel system. 3) You begin saving money immediately!

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The average process to install and activate a solar system on a residential home is 2-4 months. Here are the steps:

  • Initial meeting with solar expert to review needs
  • Install team completes a site survey
  • Solar team finalizes design, pricing and financing options which will be shared with you
  • Solar team secures permits and approvals (state, municipal and utility companies/ HOA if applicable)
  • Schedule and complete installation
  • Final inspection with utility company

You then can enjoy energy savings with your solar system.

We only install the best equipment for your home. We use tier 1 manufactured equipment from manufacturers on the Bloomberg list for all solar installations. Our modules have a 25-year performance warranty as well as a 45-year life expectancy. Our high-quality modules are resistant to hail up to an inch in diameter and resist wind up to 2400 pascals (140mph). 1MW or larger modules are trusted by lenders and financed by the top lending institutions.

Yes. As long as your roof has the room for additional panels. Simply contact a Midwest Solar Installer representative who will guide you through the process.

On average, solar panels raise a home’s value by 4.1% across the U.S., according to a new Zillow analysis of homes across the country— that’s a boost of $9,274 on a $226,300 home, according to the study. Plus it’s easy to transfer your system and comprehensive warranty to the new owner. Keep in mind, every month you do live in your home your Midwest Solar Installer system helps pay for itself with lower electric bills. In terms of resale value, when they come to look at the house you can say “Well, you’re gonna have your house payment, but you’re not going to have an electrical payment”.

You can either pay off the system when you sell the house, or you can transfer it to the new homeowner. If your solar system is financed, transferring of the loan is subject to the lender’s terms of conditions.

Each customer receives a 25-year manufacturer warranty, which will cover issues related to the manufacturing itself. Routine maintenance, such as cleaning or snow removal, is provided by each homeowner but Midwest Solar Installers will be your partner for the life of your system.

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Solar panels will still produce energy on a cloudy or foggy day. Rain and snow may affect production for your system.

  • Snow – Our panels are rated to handle 4ft of snow, are completely waterproof, and designed to last decades in freezing temperatures.
  • Hail – Our panels are built to withstand golf ball size hail in up to 50MPH winds.
  • Wind – Our panels are rated to outlast a category 4 hurricane, which means the winds speeds we are built for could be 142MPH or more.

If the power goes out in your area, systems tied to the grid go out also. It is not safe to send power out to the grid where workers are attempting to fix a power outage problem. Learn more about rolling blackouts here.

  • Secured into the trusts of a roof, and sealed with a 25yr foam sealant, all backed by an industry leading workmanship warranty.
  • Panels increase insulation, keeping your home cooler in the summer and warming in the winter. It also prolongs the life of your roof!

Depending On Your Location A Minimum of Twice Per Year

We give consumers the information and tools to make decisions. Different factors can contribute to needing your panels cleaned on a bi-annual basis. There are steps you can take to identify when you need to get your solar panels cleaned. One major way to know is when the electricity production levels of your solar energy system decrease.

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What our customers say

What our customers say

We checked with other solar companies and ended up going with Midwest and that was a perfect choice for us. The last two months our electric bill has only been $8.50, which is beyond belief and that's the minimum that you have to pay up to Mid America. Otherwise, we have no electric though. And that's great.

Tom and Connie recently went solar with Midwest Solar Installers. Not only did they want to manage their high utility bills, but also wanted a trusted partner to make the transition to solar easy. Listen in on their journey to solar!

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Jimmy White
    Jimmy White

    Today, wind is the cheapest energy in America; solar is not far behind. In time, fossil fuels will only get more and more expensive.

    Domingo Franecki
      Domingo Franecki

      There is no shortage of solar and wind energy … and prices are rapidly falling. We can build a clean energy future at modest cost if we want to.

      Tommie Collins
        Tommie Collins

        Let’s say the only thing we had was solar energy – that that was the only power source – if you just took a small section of Spain, you could power all of Europe.

        Raul Schuppe
          Raul Schuppe

          Solar power, wind power, the way forward is to collaborate with nature – it’s the only way we are going to get to the other end of the 21st century.

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