Solar Benefits

Solar Benefits

Power For Less

How Much Will You Save?

Midwest Solar Installers helps customers save big on their monthly electricity bill and the cost to go solar has never been lower. With federal state & local incentives, you could see thousands of dollars in savings over your lifetime – it’s easy! With just your address and electricity information we can calculate a recommended system for your home, your estimated monthly savings and your long term environmental impact. Best of all, Midwest solar installers can manage the entire process. From permitting, installation, tracking maintenance, and coverage while you stay informed every step of the way. Request a quote to see how much you can save. Clean solar energy is for everyone.

Solar panel model and piggy bank close up

Locked In Prices

(at time of signing contract)

You Own The System!

You Claim The Tax Credits

(not the 3rd party)

Energy Production Guarantee

25-year Manufacturer Warranty

Solar Monitoring With App

Multiple Low APR Loan Options

The design of your system, permitting process, financing, and single-day installation is all taken care of by Midwest Solar Installers. Instead of flushing your money down the drain every month paying the utility company you can now build equity in an asset on your home. With Midwest Solar Installers you own the system installed on your home and you get the upside value– not some 3rd party company.

  • The system will be custom designed for your home.
  • Midwest Solar Installers manages all the system permitting required for your city.
  • You receive a manufacturer’s warranty and a production guarantee.
Only takes a few seconds!

Find Out How You Can Benefit From Solar Power.