Iowa Solar

Iowa Solar

Farms on Hillside in Midwest USA

While Iowa is known for its rich farming history, wrestling, and famous State Fair, did you know it’s also becoming more known for having some of the best solar incentives and programs in the country? Our team is excited to bring more clean energy to power your homes and businesses, reduce your energy costs and break free from the grid.

Solar Benefits in Iowa

Solar Rebates And Incentives

Iowa has become known for its great solar incentives and programs for homeowners with some of the best benefits in the country. Here are the available incentives for your solar investment:

  • 30% Federal Tax Incentive

Investment Tax Credit (ITC)

Homeowners who purchase their solar systems can reduce the cost of their PV solar system by 30% through the Investment Tax Credit (ITC).This credit applies to customers who purchase their solar system (as a cash purchase or through a solar loan).

Net Metering in Iowa

Customers can receive utility bill credits for the excess amount of energy their solar systems generate each month. These credits can then be used when your system isn’t generating power (at night or on cloudy days, for example). A number of factors, including your system size, have an impact on the credit values you can store.

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