How To Go Solar

How To Go Solar

Engineer Installing Solar Panel

Due Diligence

First we will want to see how much you could save with our solar panels. Our experts will analyze and forecast the impact of our services based off current utility habits as well as location-specific factors like roof type or shading patterns in order create a customized solution for optimal energy efficiency that fits right into any lifestyle!


Engineering and Design

We have a team of experts waiting to visit you and get started on your energy needs. We'll measure, review the plans that were discussed in initial consultation sessions with us, then finalize them for approval by city authorities who will also provide necessary permits required before installation begins!


Install Solar Panels

Once permits are in place, our experienced solar energy build team steps up to make your installation a success. We're partnered with the best clean power experts in the Midwest who ensure skillful and precise workmanship on every job we take on. Once install is complete we'll schedule the final inspection and work with your local electricity company to get you connected right away.

Only takes a few seconds!

Find Out How You Can Benefit From Solar Power.