How To Avoid Solar Scams In Iowa

Solar Energy has been catching on in Iowa over the past few years for many reasons. Its a great option to reduce energy costs, increase property value, and even positively impact the environment. Though, with the increased adoption has come an increase in solar companies scamming home owners.

Recently Iowa AG’s office warned about solar energy tax credit sales pitches. There have been 40 complaints already in 2022 alone. Local and national companies have been using misleading advertisements.

“Sometimes people will see these ads online, sometimes they will hear about this and they go and put $10,000 down, that is common,” said Lynn Hicks, the Chief of Staff for the Iowa Attorney General. “And that is one of the first things that we advise against, is putting money down before the work is finished.”

Some people are even on the hook for $20,000 to $30,000 according to Hicks.

As of July 14, 2022 below is the list of companies the office is investigating and the number of complaints received for each one:

Moxie Solar 26
Clean.Tech 13
SunPro Solar 3
Ecovole Solar 2
ADT Solar 1
Blue Sky Alternative Energy 1
Green Energy Tech 1
Heartland Eco 1
Lifetime Solar 1
Q-Energy 1
Reliable Iowa Construction 1
SMA Solar 1
Solar Action Alliance 1
Wind and Solar Specialists 1

Iowa does have a tax credit program that is a great incentive for homeowners across the state. Scamming solar companies will claim that homeowners are guaranteed to get tax credits for solar system investments but there really is no guarantee.

Our experts can help consult with you on a potential transition to solar and transparency is our starting point. Homeowners need to be careful of fly-by-night sales companies that are only interested getting a signature on a contract and then disappear after the install. Midwest Solar Installers is a true partner for the life of the solar system. Many scammer solar companies contract out every stage of an install and sell under false pretenses.

You can trust Midwest Solar Installers to provide quality work at competitive rates. Keep in mind that no two households, or systems are exactly alike. Your cost and your savings depend on factors like where you live, your roof configuration, and how much sunlight it gets, how much electricity you need, and how much you want your system to produce. What’s important to consider is the long-term value and performance of your investment. Our experts will assess your location to finalize a proposal that will include estimated payback period, your cost out of pocket, and the tax incentives for your area. To find out if solar is right for you, contact us today for a free and no-obligation consultation.


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