How to Avoid Hassle of a Rolling Blackout in Iowa with Solar Energy

It is being reported locally and nationally that certain areas of the United States are forecast to have the potential for running short on electric power supply this summer during extremely hot weather.  Regions in Iowa are being included in these projections by MISO and NERC. Iowa’s largest utilities, MidAmerican Energy and Alliant Energy, as well as dozens of municipal and rural electric cooperatives, may be asked to cut power to customers if demand appears on track to exceed available electricity. 

Hot Weather = Power Outages

Peak electric demand usually occurs when temperatures are high and lots of electricity is used to cool buildings. If an energy shortfall occurs your community could be called to cut down on it’s energy demand. Controlled power outages (rolling blackouts) are necessary in an emergency to prevent long-term damage to the electric grid. While regional power outages are unpredictable, utility companies are advising customers to be prepared. 

Potential Energy Shortfall

For many years our region had the capacity to produce more electricity than we needed. The excess energy capacity has been shrinking. This is largely due to retirements of fuel-dependent plants fired by coal, natural gas or nuclear fuel. For example, the Duane Arnold Energy Center nuclear plant in lowa was retired in 2020. There have been many other retirements of nuclear and coal-fired plants throughout the upper Midwest due to economic, regulatory and environmental pressures. These plants provided reliable power 24/7. Our region will have 2.3% less generation capacity this year than in the summer of 2021.

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What Happens to Solar Energy During a Rolling Blackout?

During a rolling blackout, your solar panels cannot continue to function because they need a power source in order to operate. Therefore, you’ll need a backup resource for your home. You can combat this issue with solar batteries and generators. A solar energy battery system gives you freedom to gather and store clean, renewable energy whenever you need it. Take care of your household if there are power outages with Midwest Solar Installers’ solar systems. 

Take the Next Steps To Owning Your Own Energy

Having solar energy is a great option to minimize your dependence on a utility that’s not equipped for the summer demand. If you’re looking for more information on solar, or tips on how to use solar panels during a power outage, our team can help you. For more information, give us a call today at 319-323-6494. 

More property owners are opting for solar energy as their preferred choice of renewable forms of energy. As more concerns surface about the impact of global warming and the increas