10 Solar Energy Myths

More property owners are opting for solar energy as their preferred choice of renewable forms of energy. As more concerns surface about the impact of global warming and the increasing cost of energy, solar emerges as a viable solution. 

But perhaps you remain uncertain about the benefits of a solar power system for your home. Here are 10 myths about solar energy debunked to help inform you about this choice.

Myth 1: Solar panels only work in sunny weather

Solar panels work in any weather. The way solar panels are developed, they can work on cloudy, cold, even snowy days. The solar panels work effectively in cloudy weather, producing enough power for your home. Solar panels produce a comparable amount of energy on a cold, sunny winter day as they do on hot summer days.

Myth 2: Solar energy provides power when the power goes out

For most people, their solar power system is linked to the power grid controlled by traditional utility companies. They receive a credit for the solar power they generate for the grid and pay less for traditional electricity because they use less while benefiting from solar. When power goes down from the grid, a solar power system connected to the grid also goes down. Your solar power system inverter shuts off electricity generation when the grid goes down.

Myth 3: Solar energy is too expensive

Solar power systems actually have decreased in price by an average of about 30%. This falling price comes as more property owners are turning to solar power as an affordable alternative. When considering global energy production, it is cheaper to produce electricity from solar than it is from coal.

Myth 4: Solar power systems require lots of maintenance

If you hire a reputable solar power company like Midwest Solar Installers, you will find that installation is pretty simple. The systems connected to the power grid do not require extensive maintenance, only occasional cleaning with water to remove dust and debris. The panels are built to withstand the worst weather, including hail, snow and sleet. Solar power systems with batteries do require more maintenance, but essentially more frequent cleaning.

Myth 5: Solar panels damage your roof

With proper installation, solar panels can actually help protect your roof. The areas they cover are preserved. The panels also can be easily removed to fix any area of the roof underneath. When you hire a professional solar power company like Midwest Solar Installers, the panels are attached easily to the roof, gaps between the panels and roof are sealed and the panel mounts are protected with metal covers. Trust a reliable installer to protect your roof. 

Myth 6: Solar power is stored in battery systems

Most solar power systems are connected to the local electricity grid, and expensive solar power batteries are not used to store excess power. The excess goes to the grid and the property owner receives a credit for it from the utility company. This means the property owner remains connected to the grid and can use traditional energy when solar power is not available, such as at night. 

Myth 7: Solar power systems make selling homes harder

Solar power systems actually increase the value of a home. Research shows that homes with solar panels actually sell faster than those without. More buyers are attracted to the independence and cost savings provided by a solar power system. 

Myth 8: Prices increase for solar power systems in larger homes

The cost of solar panels is based on the needs of each property owner. Installation requires consideration of the slope and position of your home’s roof, and the surrounding area. The number of panels and cost of the system depends on how they can best access sunlight without obstruction. 

Myth 9: Solar power is less popular with more access to clean coal

There is no such thing as clean coal. Coal is one of the dirtiest fossil fuels available, reliant upon the dirty and difficult coal mining process. Solar power is considered a far cleaner alternative to coal, which requires mountaintop blasting and environmentally dangerous mining practices. Coal also produces smog and other dangerous pollutants. 

Myth 10: Solar panels create environmental hazards when discarded

Solar panels are built to perform for 25 years and they can be recycled. There is no need to discard them, just rebuild them. It is important to choose the right manufacturer and the right company to install them, and some manufacturers will recycle solar panels for free. 

Contact the professionals at Midwest Solar Installers to learn more about the benefits of solar power for your home.

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More property owners are opting for solar energy as their preferred choice of renewable forms of energy. As more concerns surface about the impact of global warming and the increas