100-Day Solar Installation Guarantee

Putting solar panels on the roof of your home rewards you with many benefits. Your utility costs go down or drop to zero on sunny days, the assessed value of your home goes up, and your renewable energy production eliminates the emissions and price fluctuations associated with fossil fuel.

However, if you’re concerned about how long installing those panels can take, Midwest Solar Installers offers a 100-Day Installation Guarantee. If your solar panels are not installed and turned on within 100 days, we will cover your utility bill until the installation is completed and running for Level 1 utility usage customers. Typically, Level 1 utility usage is less than 20kW but could depend on the designation given by your utility company. For more information about your level status in your area, please contact us today! For those with Level 1 status, we install your system in 100 days through the following steps.


You sign the contract.

Our sales rep gets copies of your homeowners and utility bills and then gathers enough information and photos to fill out the Site Assessment Sheet. This document becomes part of the proposal/contract that we develop by consulting with you. When we receive the down payment, and you sign the contract, the work begins.

We review and plan

(1 – 15 business days).

We review the information that we’ve gathered to schedule additional assessments, create a project plan that is customized to your home, and confirm that the project is doable at the correct address. We then create a construction plan.

We get approvals and permits

(25 – 45 business days)

We consult with your utility company to see if they require any changes to the project for the needed approvals or permits. The actual time needed varies by company.

  • Alliant Energy: 30 – 45 business days.
  • MidAmerican Energy: 20 – 30 business days.
  • XCEL Energy: 15 – 20 business days.
  • Local RECs and Coops: 10 – 14 days.

We install the system

(15 – 25 business days)

After consulting with you on the best times, we will drop off the materials and install the panels. Our electrical contractor then integrates the solar system with your home’s electrical system. We coordinate a time with you and the electric utility to shut down the electricity and restart it. We then schedule a project inspection with the appropriate approving bodies.

We wait for the PTO (Permission to Operate)

(25 – 35 business days)

This is often the longest part of the process as we wait for the authorities to give final approval. We submit a COC (Certificate of Completion / Passed Inspection) to your utility. Then, we fulfill any requests that they make, such as for additional documents and pictures. If necessary, we schedule and complete a witness test with a utility rep.

You turn on solar power

(25 – 35 business days)

Once we receive the PTO, we will schedule a demonstration to show you how to turn on your solar system. We grant you access to the monitoring portal, so you can check on your array using an app or a website. We use the portal to confirm that the system is functioning at 100 percent capacity and that the project does not require additional costs.

Our accountant creates a project cost report to compare the actual expenditures with the estimate. Our executive team then reviews your project to determine how the process went and if anything could be done better.

Why Midwest Solar Installers?

Midwest Solar Installers offers you many benefits to put us above the competition.

  • Fixed pricing. After you sign the contract, your price does not change,d even if the cost of the technology goes up. To help you pay for the installation, you can check out our varied financing plans with low APR.
  • Because you own your solar installation outright, you avoid arcane and complex lease agreements and liens that may make your property hard to sell.
  • You gain government incentives and tax credits, not some third party, like us.
  • You get a 25-year manufacturer’s warranty that is transferable to a new owner if you sell your property.
  • Our Energy Production Promise guarantees that you get a specific amount of energy or greater. If you don’t, you receive compensation.
  • We offer full solar system service that includes future upgrades, troubleshooting and repair, and batteries that store energy that you can use at night or when the grid goes down.

Do you need more information? Then give us a call at Midwest Solar Installers and ask for a no-obligation assessment and cost estimate.